Leaders in customised Home Automation solutions

Hitay Engineering is a one stop shop solution for all your home automation needs. Home Automation means that you can take control of virtually any device in your home electronically and remotely. This can be as complex or as simple as you want it to be. We can advise and design your home automation systems from controlling the lights and dimmers, to programming the air conditioning to achieve the ideal temperature based on your needs. We can even have your coffee machine turn on before you are out of bed! It is totally up to you how much can be automated in your home.

Leaders in customised Home Automation solutions
Home Owners

We can tailor a minimal or a complete automated system in your home. We will come to you and work on the best possible solution after listening to your needs and wants. Once those needs and wants are established we can then

Architects & Builders

We can work with the Architect and Builder to develop an Automation system for residential and renovations. This enables us to create a truly integrated system with just the right look. We offer KNX solutions as our main system of


We understand the challenges of building a complete electrical system and can work with the Electrician from planning to completion on any job whether large or small. For electricians we provide a complete system integration package dependant on what is

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