Home Owners


We can tailor a minimal or a complete automated system in your home. We will come to you and work on the best possible solution after listening to your needs and wants.

Once those needs and wants are established we can then work on a solution that will work for you and your family. We will explain things to you in simple terms and what this means for you and how it will be controlled. From automated functions via time and seasons to being purely on your demand we will implement what is required with ease.

A request might be when a security badge is swiped at the front door unlock the door, disarm the security alarm, turn air conditioning onto cool or warm (following seasons) to a certain desired temperature while at the same time turning the TV on and putting your favourite channel. You could be a music lover and instead of your TV turning on you may want your distributed audio system to turn on and start playing off your playlist at your desired volume. With these scenarios we would also have embedded a lighting mood upon entry. We make scenarios like the above happen, this is known as home automation and this is only one of many possibilities available. We can even take it a step further and depending on who and what time it is unlock the home to a set mood that suits.